Basic Line Car Charger 2.1A microUSB (black)

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Mobile modern marvels: let’s face it, we are at their whim. Leaving the house without them, selfies, getting from A to B, or even daily updates of your latest culinary adventures – all of which would be impossible without your handheld miracle worker. But believe it or not, even “they” have a weakness. They all need juice. So say hello to the 2A Car Charger for micro USB compatible devices. This essential mobile accessory and your favorite gadget will become best of friends, or at the very least, XQISIT’s lifeline for those of us who live a life on-the-go. With an exceptional output of 2A, your device’s battery can be speedily recharged in no time. Best of all, you can do it all from the comfort of your own car while on the road. Now you can say goodbye to frustrating low-battery notifications of doom and mobile apocalyptic scenarios.

  • Input: 12 – 24 V

  • Output: 5 V, 2A

  • For micro USB compatible devices

  • 1 m cable length

  • Car charger

Compatible with:

  • Micro USB 1.0A
  • Micro USB 2.1A

For example:

  • Universal
  •  Universal

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