Cable Combo microUSB/USB C 2.0 to USB A 150cm (black)

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Mobile modern marvels: let’s face it, we are at their whim. We never leave the house without them, selfies, getting from A to B, or even daily updates of your latest culinary adventures - all of which would be impossible without your handheld miracle worker. But believe it or not, even “they” have a weakness. They all need juice and they all need to stay connected. So say hello to the XQISIT’s Combo Cable USB to micro USB Typ C. No need to rub your eyes - you read right. The Combo Cable features a USB sync that can be easily interchanged between a micro USB or USB Typ C connection. This makes it a very versatile and practical accessory for those of us like to carry multiple gadgets at once. Now you can say goodbye to frustrating low-battery notifications of doom and mobile apocalyptic scenarios.

  • USB to micro USB/USB Typ C

  • Charge & sync

  • Suitable for Lightning compatible devices

Compatible with:

  • 150cm Kabellänge
  • Micro USB 1.0A
  • Micro USB 2.1A
  • USB Typ C
  • USBA zu Combo

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