Smart Thermostat (black)

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Control hot and cold with just a touch!

After a few days of using momit Smart Thermostat, it learns from your daily habits to adapt to your consumption needs. Your wallet and information have never been in better hands. With momit Smart Thermostat App you can control the temperature and make any adjustments without having to move. Your comfort is our priority!

momit Smart Thermostat allows you to program up to 6 temperature intervals per day. This way,it is able to adapt perfectly to your daily routine. And if you decide to go on holiday, you can program your thermostat to keep your HVAC system off during your absence and turn it back on upon your return. It's better than a personal assistant!

momit Smart Thermostat’s touchscreen allows you to make all adjustments you need with a simple touch. This is ideal if you lose Internet connection. It also has 6 different designs to choose the one that best suits your taste and home decor. You can easily adjust your heating or cooling through the momit Smart Thermostat App or directly from the thermostat.

momit Smart Thermostat knows exactly how far you are from home to ensure the best temperature the second you get home. It also makes sure to turn off the boiler when it detects that you are away. Because your momit Smart Thermostat has WiFi connection, you can control it through the App no matter where you are. This way you can ensure the temperature you want when you get home.
*Setting available for IOS and Android.

Did you forget to turn off the heating or air conditioning?
Don’t worry, thanks to its motion sensor, momit Smart Thermostat detects whether or not you are home to turn off the air conditioner or boiler after some time, making sure you do not have unnecessary energy consumption.

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