Mitico Bumper TPU (rose)

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Loving your device can be heartbreaking. On the one hand, it’s hard to take your eyes off of its sleek original design. On the other hand, your love also compels you to shield it from all the world’s dangers. For those torn between these two impulses, XQISIT has designed the ideal case: a slim, clear shell made of resilient FleXQ™ that reveals your phone’s design, reinforced by a bumper injected with ShoXQ™, a shock-absorbing material that protects it during impacts. To keep the display from getting scratched when placed downwards, the edges of the case are strategically raised. True love means being committed for the long run, that’s why Mitico is built to last. The transparent back maintains its clarity longer thanks to its anti-UV-yellowing formula, and the anti-stick inner texture prevents smudges. So, you see, the perfect case is not a mythical creature; it is XQISIT’s Mitico.

  • Double-layered protection – impact-resistant

  • Made of FleXQ™ – resilient and protective

  • Reinforced bumper – injected with shock-absorbing ShoXQ™

  • Raised edge – prevents display scratches

  • Transparent back – reveals the phone’s design

  • Long-lasting clarity – anti-UV-yellowing technology

  • Anti-stick – dotted inner texture prevents smudges

Compatible with:

  • Apple
  •  iPhone X

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