RAYZ Plus Apple Lightning ANC In-Ear HS Charging (brown)

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For decades, accessories provided a passive experience, without the intelligence to adapt to their environment or automatically tune themselves to the user’s needs. Not anymore. With the latest Lighting-powered technology and integrated software, Rayz are a new category of Appcessories that work with your iPhone like nothing before. They are lightweight and use less power than any other Lightning headset. They are the only earphones that allow you to talk and charge while plugged into the Lightning port. Rayz know when you’re using them. Take them out, and they automatically pause your movie or music. Put them back in and your movie or music resume. Rayz’ HearThru mode passes ambient sounds through your noise cancelling, for greater awareness of your environment. With one touch, bring up your favorite app, mute/unmute calls, or launch the Rayz controls. Rayz tailors its performance to your ear, and adjusts its noise cancelling to the world around you, so you can focus on the things you want. Customize your earphone and smart button settings. Software updates are delivered automatically, bringing new features and capabilities. The moment you stop speaking, Rayz microphones automatically go on mute. When you start speaking Rayz unmute again - perfect for all those coffee shop conference calls. Rayz Lightning headphones are the first to automatically recognize "Hey Siri" commands to simply make a call, send a message, listen to music and much more.

  • Closed in-hear headphones with dynamic noise compensation

  • 9.2 mm high-performance drivers

  • Frequency response 10 – 22,000 Hz

  • Lightning plug for connection to iPhone/iPad/iPod

  • Lightning jack (for charging iOS devices)

  • Individually configurable with the Rayz App

  • 6 pairs silicone earplugs in the package contents

  • 3 pairs Comply™ foam earplugs in the package

  • Weight 5 g (without cables)

Compatible with:

  • Lightning 2.1A

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