Glass Full Screen (black)

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Fortitude. Endurance. Resilience. Drawing inspiration from the Norse god of thunder, we have designed a tempered-glass protector with only the highest quality standards in mind. One that can withstand all the challenges of modern mobile life. The result? A shield to make the gods themselves blush.

Manufactured with the help of cutting-edge technology and made of premium-grade materials, this THOR protector offers full-screen coverage. It delivers exceptional clarity, perfectly maintains the screen’s original touch response, and comes with an easy-application kit and user-friendly instructions. You get all the protection you could hope for, without compromising on usability.

THOR. Tempered glass built to last.

  • Full screen – custom-fit tempered glass that fully covers the display

  • Optimal 9H+ protection that will maximize the device’s resell value

  • Shields the screen maintaining its original touch response

  • Exceptional clarity, ideal for viewing 4K videos

  • Extended tempering process ensures superior impact protection

  • Oleophobic coating keeps the display clean, smudge- and fingerprint-free

Compatible with:

  • One Plus
  •  OnePlus 5T

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