CF Privacy + Frame (clear)

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The THOR glass screen protectors were made to keep your screen safe AND to maintain your privacy. They deliver the highest level of impact protection in their category and make the contents on your screen invisible to those around you, so you can have your privacy even in crowded places.

Made of double-tempered aluminosilicate glass, a state-of-the-art material that is used for space-shuttle windows, they’re tougher than ever before, while staying slim and sleek. The touchscreen’s original usability is perfectly maintained. Thanks to the precise Case-Fit cut, the screen protector is compatible with all protective cases.

  • Case-Fit premium screen protector compatible with all cases

  • Privacy filter – protects your display from prying eyes

  • Superior impact resistance – double-tempered glass with shock-absorption layer

  • Anti-smudge coating – for a clean, fingerprint-free screen

  • Perfect screen clarity and touch response

  • Easy-to-use applicator included

Inspired by the Nordic god of thunder, the THOR screen protectors provide your device with the resilience it needs to withstand whatever life throws at it. Easy to fit and ultra-thin, these tough screen protectors are meticulously designed and tested in order to work with the latest technology. They perfectly fit each individual type of phone, so that you never have to compromise usability for the sake of protection.

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