Glass Elite Bulmers (clear)

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Invisible Shield

Meet the strongest glass screen protector yet. Glass Elite™ is the next step in the evolution of unbeatable glass screen protection.

This tempered glass utilizes ion-exchange technology to increase strength and durability, making it more flexible, more scratch-resistant and four times stronger than any traditional glass screen protector. Its ClearPrint™ technology disperses oil from your fingerprints and makes them invisible, keeping your display just as clean and smooth as you want it to be. And its sleek design is case-friendly. Protecting your screen doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice its silky look and feel. Smooth, tempered glass feels just like your phone’s original screen and provides 100% clarity. Add to that an easy, precise installation and you’ve got the best screen protection currently available.

  • Scratch-resistant tempered glass

  • 4x stronger than traditional glass screen protections

  • Ion-exchange technology to increase strength and durability

  • ClearPrint™ technology makes fingerprints virtually invisible

  • Smooth, silky feel

  • Reinforced, beveled edges – prevent chipping

  • Shatter protection

  • EZ Apply® technology: fast, accurate and bubble-free installation

Compatible with:

  • Apple
  •  iPhone 11 Pro

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