Edge-to-Edge Privacy CamSlider (black)

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Introducing the world’s first and only dual privacy screen protector with a smooth built-in camera cover that meets all your privacy needs in one high-performance product.

No longer you have to worry about prying eyes while working on the go or using your phone in public places. With PanzerGlass™ Edge-to-Edge Privacy CamSlider, your phone is shielded against shock and scratches, while your privacy is protected from nosy neighbors. Simply slide left or right the CamSlider to block and open your camera in an instant. Its privacy filter renders the contents of your display almost invisible to everyone else other than you.

This screen protector is made of tempered glass and typically features at least one precision-drilled hole that matches the position of the loudspeaker of the device. Additional openings may also be used to accommodate sensors, buttons and camera elements. The shape of the PanzerGlass™ is optimized for maximum protection of the mobile device’s display, while maintaining its full functionality. All edges are carefully rounded and polished, and the surface is coated with an anti-smudge material to maintain an excellent touch and feel.

  • Original PanzerGlass™ screen protector with dual privacy filter

  • Edge-to-edge protection

  • Compatible with most cases

  • Crystal clear

  • Shock resistant (0.33-0.4 mm glass)

  • Oleophobic layer (anti-fingerprint)

  • Scratch resistant

  • 100% touch preservation

  • Optimized adhesive and anti-scatter film (up to 0.21 mm in thickness)

  • Blue-light reduction

  • Anti-glare coating 

Compatible with:

  • Apple
  •  iPhone 11 Pro
  •  iPhone X
  •  iPhone XS

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