iAcc iPlate Eman (black)

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Phones nowadays are more than just communication devices. We also use them to navigate, listen to music, watch movies and even shop. Our lives are definitely better with them (not up for debate). What if it could be even easier? Introducing MAGNEAT by XQISIT. While the Eman iPLATE for the Apple iPhone 6 provides your mobile wonder with a robust polycarbonate shell for all of your protection needs, it also features a neat trick. A metal plate allows you to effortlessly attach and combine your phone with a series of other MAGNEAT compatible accessories. No more clips, snap-ons or clunk. Just sweet magnet magic at work.

  • Compatible with all Eman L WALLETs.

  • Robust polycarbonate hard case provides improved impact protection.

  • Faux leather exterior.

  • MAGNEAT ready.

MAGNEAT: magnet-powered mobile accessories

The MAGNEAT concept is based on the universal principal of magnetism. By attaching an Eman iPLATE to your phone you are able to choose from a wide range of magnetized accessories such as car holders for the commute or an entire Eman WALLET palette to match every mood and any taste. Whether in navi mode or picking out the right case for a hot date, MAGNEAT’s neat magnetics make the transition sweet and simple. The way it should be.


Compatible with:

  • Apple
  •  iPhone 6
  •  iPhone 6s

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