Stop Plastic Whale (blue)

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The “Stop Ocean Plastic Pollution” series from Wilma combines fashion with sustainability. This chic-looking smartphone case is made of 100% bioorganic materials such as wheat, straws and soybeans, and is inspired by the world’s ocean that covers more than 70% of the globe.

Being fashionable and sustainable at the same time, this case comes in playful colors with ocean themes and contains 90% PBAT and 10% PLA – biodegradable polymers or thermoplastics which can be processed using the most conventional polymer processing methods. It will decompose within 8-12 months without leaving any toxic residue under suitable level of temperatures, moisture and microorganisms.

With “Stop Ocean Plastic Pollution” series from Wilma, you don’t only protect your phone from bumps and drops, but also contribute to nature conservation because for every case you purchase, you donate 1 Euro to oceans-related projects.

  • Fashionable and sustainable

  • Protective with classic design

  • Made of 100% bioorganic materials

  • Compostable

  • 1-Euro donation for every case sold

Compatible with:

  • Apple
  •  iPhone 6
  •  iPhone 6s
  •  iPhone 7
  •  iPhone 8

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